The CauseTrek Challenge

Joining a CauseTrek team gives you the life-changing opportunity to cross stunning, high mountain passes, encounter ancient archaeological sites, and trek in a way that supports a true need in the lives of children around the world. There are few treks in the world that combine natural beauty and history with such awe-inspiring final destinations. Follow the footpaths of the Inca, famous mountaineers and ancient explorers, and catch your first glimpse of the forgotten city of Machu Picchu on an epic CauseTrek with Compassion. On other treks, you can scale to the roof of the Andes, pass ancient Tambo ruins, or summit Mt. Kilimanjaro - Africa's tallest peak. These are not just accomplishments; they are transformative moments!

Not only will the trek inspire you, the team's collective fundraising efforts will also provide life-changing and sustainable opportunities for children and young adults around the globe. By supporting critical interventions like clean water and sanitation access, new or improved infrastructure for churches and schools, or vocational training for young adults, each trekker has the opportunity to meet a physical challenge while also confronting debilitating needs in the lives of Compassion-assisted children. You are advocating with each step you take and every mile logged!

CauseTrek & Compassion

Joining Compassion on a CauseTrek trip may easily be the most challenging and rewarding thing you have ever done! Each trip is uniquely designed to include a trekking adventure that will stretch you physically and mentally. Along with the trek, we will experience Compassion in action by visiting student centers and witnessing as many Compassion Programs as possible. These programs include: Child Development through Sponsorship (CDSP), the Child Survival Program (CSP), Youth Development (LDP) and Complementary Interventions (CIV). If you sponsor a child in the country you plan to visit, you will also have the opportunity to meet your sponsored child and spend the day together at a fun, recreational venue.

CauseTrek Distinctives

Two unique elements set these trips apart from our normal Sponsor Tours. One, each CauseTrek trip will include a trekking element to experience the natural beauty of the country. Whether this is scaling Africa's highest peak on Mt. Kilimanjaro, or walking the royal, Inca route to the remnants of the breathtaking mountaintop city of Machu Picchu, each trek is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see, touch, feel and taste a truly amazing culture and experience. Secondly, in addition to your trip cost, our CauseTreks require each attendee to commit to raising a certain financial amount for a designated need within the country you visit. Each trek will have a designated cause to improve the lives of children, making these treks so much more than just a physical achievement!

CauseTrek Leaders & Guides

Our CauseTreks have three sets of leadership to make sure you are safe and prepared:

  • A Compassion International Trip Planner from the Compassion headquarters located in Colorado Springs will plan, market, connect the group and facilitate all logistics and fundraising support for the team. Every Compassion Trip Leader that spearheads a CauseTrek is passionate about, and well trained/conditioned, in trekking activities.
  • Our in-country Tours and Visits Specialists assist our USA leaders in securing lodging, transportation, meals, and arranging our in-country Compassion activities.
  • Expert, local guides hired by Compassion support the team throughout the trek with dozens of porters and cooks, leaving you with only a day-pack to carry on your trek. Each tour company we use has been vetted by our in-country Compassion staff, is licensed, insured, and is committed to conservation. To that end, we employ trekking companies that offer eco-friendly trekking and responsible tourism.

The comprised leadership team provides all of the trekking, logistical and cultural expertise needed to make these trips educational, spiritually significant and safe!

Each trek is available on a first-come, first-serve basis and spaces are limited. Select from one of our exciting adventure challenge opportunities and join us today!

  1. Upcoming Trips
  2. Dominican Republic Intern Trip
    As part of the Compassion International Internship, interns have a chance to visit Compassion's field operations in the Dominican Republic. They will visit multiple Compassion projects - schools and churches - and will have the chance to interact with Compassion field employees, sponsor children, and their families. This trip will give the group personalized insight into Compassion's mission of releasing children from poverty and context for their work at Compassion's headquarters for the following 10 weeks of the internship. Join us in this worthy cause!
  3. The Kilimanjaro Challenge
    Join us to climb the highest peak on the continent of Africa! Trek to the stunning peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro and brush the sky at 19,000 feet! The journey will bring new friendships, a bucket list experience and the opportunity to see, first-hand, Compassion in action! Partner with Compassion to join a like-minded group of sponsors who seek the thrill of high mountains and care deeply about making a lasting impact for children in poverty.
  4. The Inca Trail Challenge
    Hiking the Inca Trail through the glorious Andes Mountains is truly a life-changing and spiritual pilgrimage! With each day, fellow trekkers are reaching elevations of physical endurance and making advancements in releasing children from poverty around the globe! Join a team of determined sponsors to scale 3 mountain passes and uncover the secrets of the hidden citadel of Machu Picchu. Along the way, you'll see Compassion's work in Peru and be immersed in the natural beauty of the Incan culture.